Remove a cloud service from odrive

I have searched the user guide and the forum for an answer to these questions but have not found any answers, so I am posting the questions here.

When I first installed odrive I set up my “OneDrive for Business” as one of the cloud services to sync. I no longer use this service and I want to remove it from odrive. How do I remove it?

When I first set up odrive I chose long folder names for the root folders such as “googledrive-longname” but now that I am using the odrive cli on linux, I want to shorten those folder names to shorten and simplify typing for sync commands,etc. Can those file names be changed and, if so, how do change them?


Yes, you can remove or rename a storage link from odrive web interface. Please use “Edit” or “Unlink” option from menu as per your needs as shown in attached snapshot below:

Note: storage link can also be renamed or deleted (need to empty trash from tray menu) directly from odrive folder using desktop client


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I no longer have access to one of the Google Drive accounts linked to odrive. I have attempted to find the settings shown in your screenshot, but either nothing happens or it attempts to have me log in to that Google Drive account - which I can no longer do. I also tried right-clicking on the placeholder from File Explorer, but there was no option to unlink the account. Is there some other way to unlink an account so there is no risk of downloading anything from it, even without access to the account?

Hi @Alyksandrei,
I had the accounts team take a look and it looks like you have a couple of odrive accounts. One uses Google to login using a c********.s***** e-mail address and the other uses Dropbox to login, under the gmail a********** (Hopefully you’ll recognize the e-mails with most of the characters replaced).

When you look at the odrive menu on the desktop client, under Authorized user, it will show you which account you are using to login to odrive. Is that account shown either of the two accounts listed above? Are you able to login to that account on the web?

Once logged in on the web, you should be able to unlink any storage without needing to login to that particular storage account.

Thanks for the reply. Looks like I figured it out already - many of the problems I was having was that the web interface isn’t touch-friendly, and I didn’t have my input devices connected at the time. Once I connected those, I was able to figure out why I wasn’t getting the dropdown menus people were talking. Thanks!

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