Remove a cloud service from odrive


I have searched the user guide and the forum for an answer to these questions but have not found any answers, so I am posting the questions here.

When I first installed odrive I set up my “OneDrive for Business” as one of the cloud services to sync. I no longer use this service and I want to remove it from odrive. How do I remove it?

When I first set up odrive I chose long folder names for the root folders such as “googledrive-longname” but now that I am using the odrive cli on linux, I want to shorten those folder names to shorten and simplify typing for sync commands,etc. Can those file names be changed and, if so, how do change them?



Yes, you can remove or rename a storage link from odrive web interface. Please use “Edit” or “Unlink” option from menu as per your needs as shown in attached snapshot below:

Note: storage link can also be renamed or deleted (need to empty trash from tray menu) directly from odrive folder using desktop client