Reliably changing menu options with keyboard

On both computers where I have Odrive installed, setting menu options with the keyboard is unreliable. For example: Say I want to set auto empty trash to one hour. My process goes something like:

  1. Windows+b to get to the task tray;
  2. press o for odrive;
  3. space to activate its menu;
  4. arrow to autoempty trash.
  5. right arrow to activate submenu;
  6. up/down arrow to find choice. This process is unreliable with the screen reader. Sometimes choices are read, some times not. sometimes accelerator keys work such as ‘A’ for after 1 hour;
  7. press enter on chosen item. Nothing happens.
  8. try right arrow. menu disappears. sometimes value is excepted, sometimes not.
  9. give up, get a beer, watch a baseball game.

Ideas? solutions?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.


Hi Todd,
I see what you mean. I’ll see what can be done here.