Recover other versions of files

I have 2 computers which I sync using Odrive to an amazon cloud account

computer A is frequently used and has the latest version of a file
computer B has not been used for 2 months
when I turn on computer B, it syncs the older version of that file and overwrites the newer version of the file on computer A.

How can I recover the latest version of the file?

Hi @lawrencium,
Amazon Drive doesn’t offer versioning (like Google Drive or Dropbox), so unfortunately there isn’t a way to recover an older version of a file from Amazon.

Generally in these cases odrive should’ve created a conflict file, if the file had changed from what it had known as the ‘cloud version’ previously.

Were these files on the machine that had not been used updated while odrive had not been running?

they were not updated while odrive was not running but once odrive was running again it overwrote the newer file with the older one

Hi @lawrencium,
It is a really strange scenario. I’ve been trying to reproduce, but haven’t been able to, so far.

I don’t want to ask you to reproduce it, so the best bet is probably to uninstall and reinstall odrive on the 2nd computer, so you can start with a clean cache and sync down the data from the cloud, ensuring that nothing on that machine syncs up.

ok, thanks for the advice.

there’s no way to recover the newer file at this time?

Hi @lawrencium,
Unfortunately there isn’t a way to retrieve any versions of a file with Amazon Drive because they don’t support versioning of files.

It would be a good idea to double check both systems local trash as well as Amazon’s trash ( just to make sure there isn’t anything in those locations that may be relevant.

You should also trying searching Amazon Drive for a few file names of the impacted files, to make sure there are not other versions in other locations. You can do this by typing the filename in the search box in the Amazon Drive web client (