Reconnect Encryption Folders - how?


I have several encrypted folders. After reinstalling my PC, I can’t get the existing two encrypted Folder to work. I see ONE OF them in my “Encryptor” Folder as “folder.cloudf” file. When I double click I get the message "Unable to sync folder.cloudf - item does not exist on odrive.

The second one is not showing in Encryptor folder but the encrypted folder with all the content is also awailable in Amazon Cloud Drive.

In my Odrive account I have the folders with the correct path in the encryption section. I also have the encryption for encryption - but I never get asked for that.

How can I reconnect this folders? Can I delete them from the Encryption Section and reattached folders that are not empty and use the same encryption key?

Help needed.

PS. new secure folders are working like a charm

Hi @roger2,

Yes something definitely seems odd here.

Can you try unsyncing the odrive\Encryptor folder and then resyncing? Once you do that, please take a screenshot of the content of the Encryptor folder on the desktop client and a screenshot of the contents of the the Encryption tab from

Please send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu too.


Hi Tony

I did unsync/resync the folder (shot 1 - 4). I got an error that has to do with the !Stuff.cloudf folder.

Shot4 shows you the “mapping” from

Shot5 is are the folders in Amazon Cloud Drive (encrypted)

    • not syncing (see errors)
    • missing completely
    • functioning

Report is sent right now


Update from my side…

I deleted the folders and just created new encrypted folders in, pointed them to the existing, encrypted folder in Amazon Cloud drive…
After that Odrive will ask you for the encryption password.

I did a sync first and did a backup of all the encrypted folders first - just to be safe.


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I can’t tell exactly why, but odrive is not able to access the !Stuff folder.

In any case, we can reconnect the missing one and the one that is giving us trouble and see if that sorts things out.

  1. Unsync the local desktop Encryptor folder
  2. Unsync the local view of the encrypted destinations, in odrive\Amazon Cloud Drive\ (in your last screenshot). I always suggest avoiding browsing/syncing the encrypted content outside of Encryptor, as it it pretty useless in that view, and the long paths can cause problems for Windows
  3. On the page, remove encryption on !Stuff.
  4. Create a new Encryptor folder and point it to Amazon Cloud Drive\!Encrypt
  5. Create a new Encryptor and point it to Amazon Cloud Drive\!Encrypt_MyStuff
  6. Now resync the Encryptor folder and see if the new folders show up and are syncable.
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Thanks Tony

I did just that, worked like a charm… After thinking about it for 30 minutes that seemed to be the logical conclusion.

Thanks you!

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It looks like you did already did what I was going to suggest :slight_smile:

Glad things are working again!