Problems with work/home sync

I use odrive to keep in sync all my cloud accounts, but it seems I can’t get desktop sync to work properly from my work pc. If I save something in my odrive folder, it remains stuck forever in the “Waiting” status (pink badge or no badge at all); i can correctly uppload a file via web to odrive – and that works, but only if it is a new file: in it is a new version of an existing file, syncing fails (IMO correctly, to avoid duplicate versions).
My work pc is behind a proxy: is that relevant?
BTW, syncing in the opposite direction works seamlessly.

Any help would be welcome.


Hi @a.m.buongiovanni,
Unfortunately we do not fully support proxy on the desktop client yet, so that could be the reason you are seeing this behavior behind your company proxy.

Can you try sending a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

I have sent the diagnostics report from both my work pc (behind proxy) AND my personal pc (same network, but outside the proxy).

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi Angelo,
I took a look and, unfortunately, it is hitting proxy issues on the Windows 7 machine that are preventing some sync actions.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Which means that I could use and external connection bypassing the proxy and sync correctly?

Yes. That should work if it is already working for your other system.