Problems with my ping/connection

Hi there !

I am writing here because I have spent almost 2 days, looking for what could be the reason of the problem I had.
Actually, my computer had a very bad problem about the internet connexion. There was no problem on any other PCs in my house, using the same wifi network, but on mine, that was the case…
I spent a lot of time, rebooting my pc, my network card, reinstalling my wifi adapter, using another wifi adapter, but nothing seemed to work…

Finally, I found the problem: it was the odrive desktop software… When I shut it down, everything is ok, my ping becomes stable, and my downloads become fast !

I just would like to understand what is wrong with the odrive manager…

Thanks a lot for answering.

Hi @gregoiremadman,
Can you try this build and see if it has better behavior?

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Thanks a lot for giving me this download. This version seems to be better, and not to trouble my connection !

Have a very nice day ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming @gregoiremadman!