Problems syncing google drive files with forward slashes (like dates) ex: 01/24/16

Hi there! I’ve found an interesting problem/bug - when some google docs in my folders are named, I occasionally use slashes for a date. For those files - they do not sync (i.e. they don’t show up in the desktop system as existing, but they are there in the native google drive web client). I’ve been able to temporarily work around this by removing slashes or using hyphens or periods, but I don’t know if this is intended behavior or an artifact of Google Drive allowing non-standard characters (slashes) in filenames that are not normally okay with other operating systems and file structures.

Is this something that’s been reported before?



Hi @tony2,
Yes a “/” character is considered an illegal character by odrive because of the issues it can cause on the desktops. Google is very flexible with the characters it allows, so this type of issue is not so uncommon with Google Drive files.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

No problem - I can adjust! Thanks for the heads up


(nice name btw) :goodnews:

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