Problem with Google Drive sync - Files with same name


I saw that Google Drive allow two different files with the same name. Windows otherwise don’t.

The Google Drive desktop syncer add the “… (1)” at the end of archive with the same name, to allow it to be synced.

My odrive is showing “Unexpected error - try again later” when sync Google Drive. I think it may be due to this problem.

Am I right?

Hi @Leonardo_S_Ribeiro,
We deal with duplicate filenames in Google Drive by appending a unique string to them, so that should not be the issue.

Are you able to browse using the odrive web client? (

Can you tell me when, exactly, you are seeing the error? Is it when trying to open the Google Drive cloudf file, or when trying to open a directory inside there?

Can you reproduce the issue again and then click on “send diagnostics” in the odrive tray menu?