Problem While Uninstalling - App not Fully Removed


Essentially, I no longer need to use ODrive anymore, So I have uninstalled it (I’m on an iMac with OSX Sierra 10.12). But the menu still exists in finder and it is getting quite annoying. See this picture ( to see what I mean. The ODrive menu still exists in the right click section. I’m quite annoyed simply because I’ve asked on the Apple Forums, Apple Developer Forums and the TomsHardware forums and have had no luck in removing this silly menu thing. So I thought I would go to the original creators of the program and see if they could help. Do you guys have ANY idea how I can remove this option in the menu?

It’s only user-specific. So it only appears on my user channel.


Hi @jamie.mckernan,
That option is due to the Finder extension still being loaded. Did you take a look at this thread for uninstall?

That should do the trick.


Amazing! Thank you so much!