Problem in accessing Nested Folders

Hi Support,

I am having an issue while accessing nested folders in Dropbox. Lets say we have a root team folder called ‘1-H’ and under this root folder we have many sub folders such as ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and so on. Also each of these sub folders has their own sub folders or we can say nested folders within themselves.

So, the problem that i am facing right now is: When i try to see the contents of the folder called ‘etc’ whose file path is like this : ‘1-H’>‘A’>‘a’>‘c’>‘x’>‘etc’ and i know that in O-drive each of the folders showing as cloud-place holders with a pink color on each of them which means i will have to click on each folders to see or go inside of it. The problem is when i click on each of these folders it gets out of that location and takes me back to it’s root folders location. which means when i click on ‘etc’ pink colored folder, instead of taking me inside of this folder it takes me back all the way to root folder location sometimes to folder ‘A’ or sometimes to team folder ‘1-H’.

I thought this was happening because of the pending Mac OS updates but that is not the case as i tried in different Mac OS versions and i am having the same problem everywhere. Probably it’s a bug which needs to be addressed.

Please someone take look into this issue as this is really frustrating as we are having real hard time in accessing nested folders/sub-folders in our case. Also, we are seriously thinking of deploying this O-Drive company wide for our ART team.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

Hi @jalmonte,
Is this only happening once you get to a certain level of folders, or is it for any subfolders within the root team folder?

Can you reproduce the issue and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu along with the path that you were reproducing with?

Hi @jalmonte,
I just wanted to make sure you saw my message above ^

Hey guys,

s you can see from the above screenshot, as I was trying to access a folder ‘radiocity>deisgners files>products>SOuvenirs>12 days mug>working art>’ it takes back to the root folder to ‘Radio City’.

Would you please take a look into this problem. Also, let me know if you need anymore info.

Hi @jalmonte,
I can’t find a diagnostic from you. Can you send one via the odrive menu? I would like to take a deeper look at this.