PRO SYNC: External Drive....waiting to upload for days

Not sure why…maybe cause my computer crashed, but odrive is not syncing or uploading anything on the external drive. Been using pro sync only for a few days. Restarted computer…quit odrive…nothing seems to work.

Can you please send a diagnostic. You can find the option in the odrive tray menu.


Sent. Please confirm

The system flagged my previous post…no idea why, but this is my actual odrive account, it is still Hunter. Hopefully this post will not be flagged. I also have uploaded the diagnostic information from this account. Thank you for your help.

When you open the odrive tray menu, do you see anything listed in not allowed or waiting?

Looking at the diagnostic, odrive is trying to sync some items but is receiving an “item not found” exception. If you see any items listed in the odrive tray menu, can you verify that the path is still accessible to odrive? It is possible that there are some incompatible filesystem permissions on some of the folders, but it is hard to tell.

An update: I think what is happening here is that the cloud path in the Pro Sync folder has changed remotely and odrive can’t find it properly anymore. Can you double-check that and make sure that the original Pro Sync destination on the remote side has not been changed?

Can you also tell me what the source is that you are linked to here?


Ok here is what happened over the last few days:

  1. Wiped computer OS
  2. Installed odrive.
  3. Upgraded to pro sync
  4. Deleted original odrive folder
  5. Issues occurred.

Now…my goal is to get the sync working back on my external drive. I believe that uninstalling and reinstalling odrive will fix it. Do you agree?

There seems to be a misconfiguration in your pro sync folder where you are pointing to a non-existent location in the cloud.

You can try removing and re-adding the pro sync folder to see if that corrects it.

Could you please explain, step by step, what you mean by “removing and re-adding the pro sync folder”?

It looks like you have a Pro sync folder called “Pictures”. You will want to:

Right-click on that local folder, which is on your external drive and select "Remove Pro Sync"
Then, right-click on the same folder again and select “Pro Sync” and then configure it to point to the folder you want to connect to that folder.

I did the “remove pro sync” on the Pictures directory on the External Drive, then I selected “pro sync”.

Please see attached screenshot, “folder is empty”

Okay. Let’s reset the local system then, since something is screwy.
Go to the odrive tray menu and select “Authorized User” -> Deauthorize.
Once that is done, re-authorize (login) to the odrive desktop client again.
Once you are logged in, try setting up Pro Sync on that pictures folder again.

Just did the de-authorize -> re-authorize. And I still get “This folder is empty” from the screenshot two messages above.

This is strange. What do you see inside the odrive folder? Also, what do you see when browsing your links from the odrive web client (

Is it possible that you unlinked everything and currently have no links in odrive?

Bingo…somehow the link back to my original storage provider got disconnected. Should be ok for now, just did some gigs…back in action. Thank you!!!

My pro sync folder is not uploading as well. Also the last time I deauthorized and authorized again, a lot of my folders and files had a (2) added to the end of the folder/file name.