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I am really interested but don’t have a clue about your plan options and prices. I think I have read everything on your website and have cruised parts of your blog. At one point, I found that I had entered a trap door and was automatically signed up for a 7-day trial. I am a 1Tb Google Drive user and have ~100k photos that I want to move up to Amazon (Prime user). Your product may solve some of my requirements if I can get some information - lots of photographers are looking for the same solution since Google recently started shutting down Picasa 3. (Google Photos is worthless)

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It sounds like your current main use case is to move your photos from Google Drive to Amazon Drive. You can take a look at this post for some step-by-step information on doing that:

Were there any other features or use cases you had questions about?


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Thanks for your constructive comments.
My main questions focus are (1) What is the offering? (2) What are the options? (3) How much does it cost?

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Agreed. This information is not easy to find, if it is available at all, to people who aren’t logged in.

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Hi @clarence.york and @paulpehrson
Please take a look at this post, which consolidates a lot of great information about odrive into one place. All of the links are available without needing to log in, too. :slight_smile:

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I googled odrive pricing and found it.

If you are just looking for pricing and premium features, they are listed here:

This is available from the menu on the right of our page ( ) under “Upgrade”.

It is also listed in the page I referenced earlier: