Popup at Windows 7 logon

Since upgrading to odrive from oxygen V2 anyone who does not log into odrive receives a popup when they log into windows. Does anyone know which reg key controls that pop up when you first log into your system? I would like to disable it as it becomes annoying to those who may not need to use odrive at the moment.

Hi @jajones,
I think you are referring to odrive auto-starting when the user logs in. This is happening due to the odrive shortcut in “Startup” for All Users.

C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

You can remove the shortcut from that location to prevent it starting for all users. Keep in mind that users who want odrive to start up will need the shortcut to be added to their own Startup folder instead

C:\Users[User Name Here]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Did you have any other questions about this?

I actually sent you guys an email in regards to this with a screen of what I am attempting to accomplish.

Is there any way to stop the welcome window?

Thanks I didn’t notice the response to the forum question. Unfortunately that shortcut is not in any of the startup folders. The popup I am referring to is this one below. It seems to make some people a little nervous as they may not use this service that often. Is there any way to stop this welcome window from coming up?

Hmm. The initial welcome screen shows when a user launches odrive without having authorized yet. Generally odrive will autostart for each user on a machine because it is told to launch via the All Users Startup entry. It is odd that you can’t find that.

odrive is launching somehow, so we would need to figure out how from where and remove that for all users. If you run ‘msconfig’ on one of the systems do you see odrive listed as a startup item?

Alternatively, the user would just need to login to odrive once on that machine to stop this.

How are the machines used with respect to multiple users? Are the user profiles being wiped regularly?

Users are assigned their on PC so one per user. However this application is not deployed to all computers in the firm just the ones that have used this in the past. I ran MSConfig and do not see the app in the startup however I do notice that this windows comes up after running odriveapp.exe from C:\Users\Generic User.odrive\bin\5453 which starts the app and then launches the welcome window.

%programfiles%\odrive\odrive.exe is our “launcher” app, which will copy the odriveapp binary and configs into the %userprofile%\.odrive folder and then run odriveapp.exe. So something must be launching odrive.exe.

If you run this from a cmd prompt on a machine, does it show anything?

powershell -command " & {Get-CimInstance Win32_StartupCommand | Select-Object Name, command, Location, User | Where-Object {$_.Name -contains 'odrive'} | Format-List}"

does not show me any results

The machine you are running this command on is one that has odrive installed and starting up for a user automatically?

If so, did you company add anything extra for odrive in terms of startup or are you running any application management software that could be initiating an odrive startup?

Our app, by default, doesn’t do anything fancy when it installs. It just adds the shortcut to the common startup folder, and that’s really it.

Running that command I would expect to see something like this:

Name : odrive
command : C:\PROGRA~1\odrive\odrive.exe
Location : Common Startup
User : Public

Yes the PC I ran the command on has odrive installed. I deploy this application via sccm nothing special just installs when no user is logged in. We do use a redirected desktop and startup folder but I checked those location and do not see anything in the startup folders. the question now is would there happen to be a reg key that I can control this with or maybe a file that can suppress the popup? I dont mind the application starting up but Oxygen CloudV2 did not have this pop up so this is a newer feature within the last few updates.

Currently the only way to prevent the pop-up is to prevent odrive from starting or to have the user login to odrive one time on their machine.