Please add MEGA as an integration


Actually, I used odrive in previous time but I uninstall it because I can’t add Mega cloud. Since that time I’m checking odrive periodically to see if the Mega is add. If you add mega cloud then really odrive will be very great.

How to link Mega to odrive?
Access shared links from the services, directly
Can you support
Odrive issues @Johnry
Gmail permission?

Thanks for the request. This is something that several users have asked for. Their integration is more complex, but it is one we would like to get to in the future.


Adding MEGA would be realy … MEGA!


I’d like to add my voice for Mega integration. Thanks!


Another vote for Mega ,
The following also provide reasonable free storage
would be nice to see them as an option too.


I’ve recently started using which provides 50GB free storage (and much more in paid plans) with unparalleled security. As such, I expect the popularity of this service to explode, so I really think it should be the next storage service you provide sync integration support!


I vote for Mega as well! :slight_smile:
I’m moving most of my stuff to Mega leaving GDrive, OneDrive and Dropbox just for syncing with some devices (better support than Mega native one) but I have now 4 clients on PC. Odrive reduces it to 2 clients so adding Mega will make it ultimate tool for all could services I use.


I would love Mega integration, but Mega might take notice and potentially take action against odrive, or just lower their free account space altogether. I don’t know where or how they are offering 50GB free, but it’s pretty amazing, especially considering that Google can’t even offer that much. I’m hoping that as time goes by and technology improves, the storage space and bandwidth provided by these companies will become more and more affordable, where they can start to offer more and more free, to a point where it practically becomes unlimited. Why Dropbox is still offering only 2GB free after all these years is beyond me.


Throwing my vote in for Mega as well.


Thumbs up for Mega support!


Adding Mega will boost the usability of the already great application.

I’m currently lobbying around my friends and colleagues to make them using ODrive, but one recurrent drawback is the “How many cloud accounts should I need to handle my Data ? More than 5 ? Forget it. It is easier for me to pay for a monster storage service with a single provider.”

I suspect that, even if amazingly helpful, having a common folder that ODrive will manage to dispatch the files to the different cloud resources would be a major re-work of the application, which I understand you can’t afford.

But the cheap solution would be to add support for services with huge storage capacities, so is MEGA.


I would be for MEGA too. It’s rlly great. My vote too.^^


Is this item only under consideration to be placed on the roadmap or is it already on the roadmap and just waiting for the implementation to be done?


It is currently on our long-term roadmap


Hi all, I am new to ODRIVE.

I use Box, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and a few others but the one that I use the most is MEGA.

I have read that MEGA could be integrated in the future, but is this realistic that it will come out any time soon? This question was requested a year ago and was just wondering vs other sync clients why it hasnt been added yet?

It would be the ultimate sync client if so. Also, ADDING a “preview” feature for ie word docs, audio files and video files, would be tremendously useful.


another vote for Mega here


I just read a 2014 post requesting MEGA support. Your answer? “It’s in our long term plan.” It would be nice to know what “long term” means to you. Is it 10 years? 2? 4? Ignore my questions if you’re considering implementing it in the coming 6 months.


Mega would get my vote as well as full GUI full desktop integration for Debian Linux install.


Mega is a must I dont know why is not yet implemented 50GB free !!!

also add Mediafire 15GB free


We have suspended adding new integrations while we are working on our next major version of odrive. Once we start in on integrations again we will be evaluating what to add next.