Please add MEGA as an integration


Here! Another request for Mega implementation!


Can you support ?
Thanks !


Yeah, I would like to use MEGA on Odrive too ! That could be great !!! Pleaaaaaase, do it !!! MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE !!! :grinning:




I’m joining the chorus here and asking for MEGA integration. It won’t hurt to add MediaFire integration too… :heart:


It would be great if mega cloud will be added in near future.


2 years later, I vote for #Mega integration :floppy_disk:


I Think ODrive is amazing. Hands down the best ‘Cloud integration’ app Ive seen. AND they beat Dropbox to the punch with the 0 byte placeholder files, (so it doesn’t eat up my precious HD space), but the one reason I stopped using it was the lack of support. I loved it for the other clouds, but them all combined doesn’t equal one free account with Mega. I mean c’mon guys, they give 50gb free and they’re very well encrypted, so of course everyone uses it and wishes ODrive supported it. I understand the integration may be more complex due to the encryption and what have you (I’m sure they have APIs) but its been a couple years now! It boils down to the fact that every mega user has a username and password and will Whip out that recovery key so dam fast if needed for integration!
Great job on a great product!

Thanks in advance,
Missing you,
See you soon?
-Anxious ODrive User


We appreciate the kind words @robert.roskey.

We looked into the Mega integration recently. The big issue for us is that they don’t have a well documented HTTP-based API to work with, which has always been a primary requirement for odrive integration.

This doesn’t mean we won’t do it, but it will be a significant undertaking to get something implemented that fits our model and will be stable enough to release to production for folks to use, so it hasn’t made it to the front of the pile yet.


Glad there is some discussion of supporting MEGA.NZ. I think, hands down, they regularly beat Dropbox, Google, Box, etc. for me based on security and their strong support of users. ODrive adding MEGA.NZ support would certainly support many users in being even more dedicated to regularly using ODrive. Maybe it could be like an add-on such as the encryption folder add-on for past (current?) versions of ODrive?


+100 Vote for mega!!! This is hands down would be the best service with the best service provider!!


I would also love to see the integration with MEGA happening.


Yes - Please add Mega. I am on eval. but right away I want out because Mega access is not there.


MINUS vote against Mega! Week ago I found out I lost ~200 files due to some Mega “electrical power incident”!
Dear Mega users: Don’t request this feature and rather check you are able to dowload all your files from Mega cloud.


Please add mega! Is really convenient


I also supported Mega integration.


Yah MEGA intrigration is something needed, alot of people want it. MultiCloud has it but Odrive is better