Option for syncing of individual folders if automatic sync takes too long to appear

I wish it were “instant”, so that way I wouldn’t have to wait 10-30 minutes. It does show up for some folders, but only the top-level directories.

I’m using odrive on Windows 10 and am right-clicking the folders/files. I have upgraded to the latest version, 6014.

Is the problem the sheer number of files?

Thanks for your help in advance. I appreciate how much the app has helped me.

Hi @slowdriver,
What source are you syncing to?
Can you tell me what you mean by “right-click the folders/files”?

There are several things that can delay reflection of remote changes:

  1. The linked storage type
  2. The size of the data
  3. How busy odrive is with other things

In most cases a right-click->refresh on the folder should force odrive to immediately look in that location for new changes.

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Amazon Cloud Drive

The right-click is use to so that I can selectively sync and unsync folders (since I’m a pro user).

I’ll try the refresh option, in case it’s different from doing so at the top. Thank you.

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As a feature request, could there be the option to cancel uploads but sync deletes?

And it would also be nice to be alerted of a new update within the app’s right-click menu, in case notifications are disabled.

You can stop automatic sync from the odrive tray menu under “Ready to sync changes”/“Syncing changes”->“Stop automatic sync”.

This will prevent new uploads, but you can still perform manual operations, like files downloads and emptying the odrive trash.

Can you add your feature request for right-click menu notification for updates to a feature request thread so it can be tracked properly?


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Ah, ok. I thought that canceling sync meant that it would stop detecting items in the trash as well. I’ll test it again.

Sure thing, will do!

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