OneDrive/SharePoint Sync


I see that SharePoint data can be synced with the regular OneDrive client:

Can I then also select OneDrive a storage to sync the company SharePoint site?

The company here is migrating from regular OneDrive storage to SharePoint and I really would like to continue to use oDrive for the synchronization!

Best regards and thanks in advance

Hi @ab-tools,
Our OneDrive for Business integration supports Office365/OneDrive for Business storage, but it doesn’t yet support Sharepoint team sites/libraries.

If you try link your account using the odrive OneDrive for Business integration, does it work and, if so, what do you see as available?

Hello Tony,

first thanks for your quick reply!

I just tried and I can link my company Office 365 account with the odrive OneDrive for Business integration, but I don’t see the SharePoint Team documents as you said.

Is there any chance that you add support for this anytime soon?
I really would like to keep using odrive in the future, but with the company migrating everything to SharePoint Team this does not make much sense at the moment…

But looks like here in the forum more people are asking for SharePoint storage integration!

Best regards and again thanks for your support

Hi @ab-tools,
It is something I would like us to support, but I don’t know when/if it will be put in. I’ll definitely update here if that changes, though!

Support for Sharepoint has been released on the web client with desktop support coming next week!

SharePoint support has been fully released!