OneDrive for Business: eml files keep syncing


I have discovered a problem with EML files in combination with OneDrive for Business. For some reason oDrive keeps syncing EML files forever, causing the client from being busy all the time and holding up syncing files which should be really synced.

I have submitted a diagnostic information about 03/15/2016 10:50 CET.

Maybe you can test it locally? It’s really only the EML files which are synced forever. Other files are not resynced.

I hope you can solve this problem.

I took a look at the diagnostic and it looks like the .eml files keep being detected as having changed.
Can you tell me how these files are used?
Do you have multiple systems accessing them at the same time?
What application are you using to access/edit/create them?


Hi Tony,

These EMLfiles aren’t used at all. It are old e-mails which are saved on disk using Microsoft Live Mail (since a few months Outlook is used which does not create EML files, but MSG files). So, the EML which are present are old files of which I can say for sure that they are not opened or accessed by the user lately. I can even say for sure that they are never opened since using odrive.

Since I have seen it on two different PC’s (a desktop and laptop) it seems like a problem of odrive in combination with EML files and/or Onedrive for Business.

Maybe you can test it by yourself? EML files are saved e-mails from Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail.

Hope to hear from you. Thanks!

Apologies for the tardy response. This one got lost in the shuffle. I need to try to repro this myself, I just haven’t had the chance to yet. Are you still struggling with this?

A customer of me is using oDrive. I cannot check whether the issue still persist since I have no access to the PC.
When I however go to the the recent list of changed files in One Drive, it’s full of EML files… So I presume the issue still persists.

Any news on this subject?

The customer which is using oDrive has a very slow internet connection. This ‘EML’ file problem is causing trouble and also causes that some files are not uploaded, because ‘the queue’ is always filled with these EML files instead of new or changed files which should really be uploaded.

Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

On Thursday of this week I copied a large amount (17.5gb, 9005 files 105 folders) of pictures into odrive to begin backing up. This Saturday I got a notification from my internet provider saying that I had been using an excessive amount of bandwith. I checked the logs for my ISP and I used 600 gb since Thursday. I did some checking and odrive is uploading and simultaneously downloading files constantly and then redoing it again and again and again. I exit odrive and then restart it and it says it is all synced. I checked online (OneDrive) and all the data is there. I check back later and it is doing the same thing again, uploading and downloading the same files over and over again. Anybody experienced this or have any suggestions on what to do?

Hi @Jaap_Trouwborst,

Extremely sorry to miss your post second time =( and also I’m not sure if this problem is still relevant.

I ran some tests with *.eml file and found out that each time user download the eml file, odrive re-upload the same file back to storage. I have created an internal ticket for tracking but not sure when the fix will be available.

If your customer is no using these eml files then I would recommend you to unsync them using right-click --> unsync option until there is a solution in place.


Hi Asif,

Thanks for your response.

It would be nice if you can inform me when this issue has been resolved.