Onedrive 365 + Microsoft Authenticator issue?

One of our clients has switched from IAM Idaptive to Microsoft Authenticator/Azure AD for their Office 365 subscription.
As of this morning I am getting this error:

We couldn’t complete authorization

The service you are trying to link may be having issues. Please try again later.

Both with adding one and with re-authentication.

Is this a known issue with this auth method? Or just a glitch?
When I try to log into Onedrive or other O365 options, the method works at the same time as my Odrive attempts, so it can’t be that something is down


Hi @jeroen.samuels ,
We don’t have any known issues, so this will require further investigation.

Is this happening for all users at the organization or just one?
If it is happening for all, is there any chance that a test account could be created so that I can debug the error and figure out what is going on?

Sadly we can’t get test accounts with the client for this.
I can ask a colleague for his credentials to try to add his onedrive under my account. Would that be helpful?

What I did test is try to log in under my Onedrive account within 2 odrive accounts, resulting in the same error.

Hi @jeroen.samuels ,
If you can provide me with your IP address and then reproduce the error, we may be able to capture something useful in the logs. Is that a possibility? You can direct message me the IP, if you like (click on my name and select “Message”).

Hi @jeroen.samuels ,
I just wanted to follow-up on this after my last response. Are you still experiencing this issue?

HI Tony,

Hi Tony,

Sorry for the late reply.

I just tried to log in again, around 12.51 CEST
I am not allowed to message you directly for the IP.