One way sync (Cloud to PC)


I see there is a backup option in the CLI that will allow me to back up folders to my Cloud Storage (Amazon Cloud Drive in this case), but is there a way to do a one way sync from my cloud provider to my PC?

My wife and I take a lot of pictures and videos on our phones. All this data is automatically uploaded to the could as a backup. If I want to watch any of these videos on my TV, I have to stream the video from my cloud. This is fine if you have fast internet and you aren’t shooting in 4K. I already have a media PC and I would like to have a copy of all my cloud content so when we want to watch something, I’m not constantly buffering.

I don’t want to do a true 2-way sync since the cloud is a sort of ‘master copy’. I don’t want a failing/corrupted hard drive to start wiping out a lifetime of photos and video.


Hi @coreywolff,
It sounds like you want what could be called a “backdown”, meaning you want a backup of the cloud content on the local machine. A one-way download that would never upload anything back. Is that right?

If so, we have a feature that pretty much does this in the next generation product and should fill this need. I don’t have a timeline to give, but we are getting fairly close.


That’s exactly what I’m looking for. You can’t give a timeline, I get that, but how about a rough idea? Am I looking at within 6 months, 1 year, 5 years? I can hold out a while, but if it takes too long, I might just end up switching to a cloud provider with an available SDK… at which point, I would just roll my own ‘backdown’ feature.


Hi @coreywolff,
It should be less than 6 months. Hopefully much less.


@Tony Is the backdown feature I was asking about the same as the one listed in the link? Could I get access to the beta that gives me ‘backdown’ via CLI?


Hi @coreywolff,
The backdown feature isn’t available yet, but if you are interested in joining the beta, take a look at this post here: ODrive Beta Testers?


Has this feature ever been released?

This is one of my use-cases that’s important to me. Mainly, for my music library which “lives” on home NAS, is backed up to cloud services and then I pull down from the cloud service to actual use systems. I like to have only one point of entry for any “change”, the NAS and have the services sync from there.

I figured I’d resurrect this since it’s been a year since it was posted.



Hi @mickey,
Unfortunately the development of this feature has been paused and I don’t have a timeline to offer for when it will be available.