On Mac OS X startup odrive uses 100% CPU for longer than 10 minutes

Why is this happening? I have only 11gb synced across my different folders

Hi @tigerugby,
One odrive startup, odrive will scan through all of the data to make sure nothing was missed while odrive was not running. The overhead for this is proportional to the number of folders and files, vs the size (in GB) of the data.

During this scanning, CPU can be elevated as it runs through all of the data on both the local and remote sides. Do you know many files and folders there are that are visible within odrive?

That’s my main concern I only have 11gb right now in the drive but have space for up to 40 to 50gbs in cloud storage. I am worried as I scale up it will increase this 100% CPU time. Especially if I ever reboot off battery power. I checked this time to get a specific timing and it seems like it lasts 6 to 7 minutes (using uptime as the timer) going at full load. I believe it is around 7000 items (that’s what odrive folder info showed).

Hi @tigerugby,
Some CPU ramp-up is expected. Since you are using uptime to gauge, its probably a little bit less than that since it takes some time for everything to come up.

CPU overhead is something we have tried to address in the next iteration of the sync engine. In the meantime, if you are finding it is posing a significant enough issue on your system, you could try to use a utility to de-prioritize the process (renice) or limit CPU (cputhrottle). I haven’t really used these utilities much myself, but they may help.