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I write a lot of technical documentation for my work and the one thing I keep in mind is trying to write for an audience that has never completed the task.

I know that Odrive is in the process of starting to sell some of its products and while I have been spreading the word about the product I find some of the recent changes a bit confusing even as a long time user now. In particular I have noticed when I click on some options from the taskbar icon’s menu it takes me to a web page for the “PRO” option. I read the page about some of what the pro options are but nowhere does it list what I get that caused me to get booted to the Pro web advertisement.

Additionally looking at my profile for subscriptions and billing I can’t even see what I am currently using. While I am only utilizing the “Free” version right now I can’t tell what I have based on reviewing my profile. If I don’t know what I have and don’t have how can I choose to upgrade?

Even with the free Pro trial offering I am afraid to click it because I don’t see a clear listing of what it contains.


Thanks, Marty. We’re in the process of simplifying everything. Within a matter of days there should be a single plan to upgrade to, and it will be clear what you get and what it comes with.

I’ll update this thread with another reply once it’s out.


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Heh looks like you forgot Jeff. No worries I’ll advertise that its awesome!!!