ODrive2 update?

I haven’t seen any ODrive2 for Windows updates for almost a year. Also, if I recall correctly, ODrive2 hadn’t yet reached feature parity with ODrive.

What is the status of ODrive2?

Hi @mark.ericson,
After being out for a while and gaining lots of user feedback, the product and engineering teams have gone back into heavy design and prototyping, reevaluating previous assumptions, including odrive2 beta core functionality and UX concepts. This has put odrive2 in a holding pattern while we figure out exactly where we want to take it.

I haven’t seen anything posted in a long time about the status of the Odrive 2 beta status. How is it going?

Hey @jeremy4,
Thanks for checking in.

The odrive2 beta is still on hold. Engineering is focusing on odrive1 development for the foreseeable future.