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So I noticed there is a credit for odrive2, and I was wondering if this means that odrive1 will be phased out and odrive2 will become the main product when it matures out of beta?

Not sure why these 2 seem to be separate products instead of a huge update version associated to the beta to reduce confusion. ie. “odrive version 7 beta” and then the original odrive is on “version”

Just some thoughts.

Odrive 2 cost if I already have Odrive

Hi @christianorpinell,
We have no plans to drop odrive1. Its a product we are still very proud of and want to make sure it continues to work well for our users. If you take a look at the Release Notes section (https://forum.odrive.com/c/release-notes) you will see that we’ve actually been releasing new odrive1 versions pretty steadily, recently.

We didn’t want to constrain odrive2 by trying to make it conform to odrive1’s platform, so they are separate. I agree it does cause some confusion and we are trying to figure out how to mitigate this.


I can actually understand the branching off and creating two separate products. There will be some that hate major changes. Will odrive2 be a more feature-filled version of what odrive1 has now, and moving forward?


Hi @christianorpinell,
We haven’t yet reached feature parity with odrive1 in odrive2, but the goal is that and beyond, so odrive2 will have more “options” than odrive1, in the future (for example, a dedicated backup functionality).

The approaches are different, however, so some folks may find that odrive1 still works better for them for their particular needs.


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