Odrive2 for existing odrive1 users (subscription and features)


So, do I need to pay for Odrive2 if I already have Odrive? I realize they are separate but how can I link the two so I won’t get charge twice, if at all possible. I’m really confused with this Odrive2. what’s the difference between the 2 Odrives and why is there another stand alone system with the same name? I can’t find any information on the differences and why a person would chose one versus the other. If the new one is better I would love to use it but how would I manage my encrypted files I have on Odrive for example. I’m sorry but I’m really struggling with this and I need some help trying to figure this whole thing out. Thanks!

Odrive2 subscription

Hi @lombardoalex,
odrive1 Premium subscribers get corresponding credit on odrive2. You can use this link to set that up:

This post explains a bit about odrive2 and its focus:

odrive1 and odrive2 are definitely similar in a lot of ways, but they have different focuses and approaches. odrive2 is still in beta and we are continuing to flesh that out. It does not yet have every feature available that odrive1 has (like encryption), but it is coming.

There is a post here that goes over the desktop client, including features available, with screenshots and videos if you would like to learn more:

If you are happy with odrive1, and it is satisfying your current needs, you can and should continue using it, but you can check out what odrive2 has to offer, as well. Right now, for existing odrive1 users, the odrive2 mobile and web clients may be of particular interest.