Odrive will no longer sync to Amazon Drive, and deletes my files

For some reason, files will no longer sync to Amazon Drive. This just started today. I verified that I have space on Amazon Drive. So far I’ve noticed this with pdf files, but’s that’s all I’ve been working with. I’m using the Mac client. When I click on one of the files under the “Not Allowed” menu item of the odrive client, it says “Amazon Drive has detected a conflict”. odrive will eventually delete the files, and I find them in the trash. Please help!

Hi @bcc4497,
I have seen this happen once before when Amazon Drive was having issues. It looks like Amazon has been having some general issues in their US-EAST-1 region today, which could be what is causing the behavior you are seeing.

When I saw this before the behavior was caused by a high amount of latency and connectivity issues between their front and back-end systems. This was causing significant delays in adding and reflecting new changes.

For the “Amazon Drive has detected a conflict” error:

  • The issues on Amazon’s side was causing the uploads to report as failed when they actually succeeded. odrive tries to account for this by listing the folder again before retrying the upload. However, the reflection of the change was also very delayed, so a listing of the folder did not show the item. odrive then tries to upload the file again and, during that time, Amazon registers the previous upload. When odrive tries to commit this new upload, Amazon returns an error that the file already exists and is in conflict now.

For the deletions being seen:

  • Because of the Amazon issues, requests from odrive to list folders would sometimes return listings that were still delayed and missing the recent uploads in the listing. In the case I saw, during this problematic time you could make several requests to list the folder and some would return with the new item and some would not. When odrive sees an item that was previously listed and is now missing, it determines that the item was deleted from the remote side, so it syncs that delete on the local side and puts the file in the trash.

Supposedly they have now resolved their issues. I just did some testing on my own account and I am not seeing the issues you are, so I am hoping this is fixed.

Are you still seeing this happening? If so, can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu? When you do that a file named “current_odrive_status.txt” is created in the root of the odrive folder. Can you send that to me via a direct message here? (Click on my name and then click on “Message”).

Hi Tony,

 The diagnostic file has been sent in a DM.  Just to clarify, this only affects new files.  Current files seem to still sync fine.  As of right now, the issue persists.


Hi @bcc4497,
Please see my response in the DM.

It seems that Amazon Drive was having an issue, and everything is now resolved for me. Thanks so much Tony for the help.

Great! Thanks for the follow-up Brian!