Odrive website login

Just something I would like to make the Odrive team aware off.

Everytime when I login to the Odrive website I am prompted to choose either my google, facebook or other account. So far so good. I am using my google account for this and noticed that every time I login with my google account I have to reconfirm that Odrive is allowed to connect to my Google account.

So after every login to the website I also receive a new email from google stating that my Odrive account is now connected to my Google account. Normally this would only be the first time you login but with Odrive website I have this at every new login.

It is not a very urgent issue but perhaps something to look into at some time as I only experience this with the Odrive website.

Hi @razenberg.peter,
Thanks for the feedback. This has to do with how the OAuth parameters are set for Google. I’ll see if we can tweak this so its not a complete re-auth each time.