Odrive web service sort folders/files?

This may be a Linux issue, but in Odrive Chrome web view, folders and files are all mixed up. There is no order to it, and search will NOT find all instances of a word or name.
I do not see any settings to change this … HELP!
I see there is a feature request from June 2016. Any movement?

Hi @revdjenk,
This is still an outstanding feature request. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi, Yes I am also facing the error related to the CSS of the website in Odrive Chrome Web View, as you can see in this (ex. - https://routerlogin.onl/192-168-15-1/).

I can’t find the order to arrange and if there is a fix related to this, please let me know about it as well.

i am facing the similar issue … can anyone give the solution to this??