oDrive unsyncing my files even though unsync is set to never

I’ve stopped running the client for now, but how can I get odrive to sync everything back? I don’t want all these .cloud files, I need the originals back! I have thousands of folders now with missing files, like the holes in the swiss-cheese in what used to be a full folder. I know the files are missing because the database app that indexes them all is now reporting many missing (and there are .cloud files in their place).

Manually tracking down each one is going to be time prohibitive (and redownloading them is definitely going to put me over my bandwidth cap, but I’ll just have to deal with that for now). How can I automatically restore all the .cloud stubs?

I do indeed have auto-unsync set to never but for some reason that setting is being ignored.

Per my database, there are 125,588 missing files. I found a USB backup that I’m restoring from now, which I think will take care of most of it. But now I’m afraid to use oDrive again. How can I make sure that it’s obeying the unsync=never rule?


Can you tell me what service this is against? If unsync is set to never then odrive will not issue any unsyncs on its own.

There are certain scenarios I can think of that can potentially cause this behavior, though:

  1. If files are being reorganized, moved around remotely, or edited (in some cases) the reflection could end up showing it as a placeholder file on local reflection.

  2. The storage service returns a partial listing of a folder when odrive requests a list of items. If this happens then odrive sees the missing items as a delete and will remove the local copy. If that file ends up in a subsequent list of the folder, it will be brought back as a placeholder file.

How many files, total, do you have exposed (not placeholders) locally within the odrive folder?


Thanks for your reply.

The service is Amazon Cloud Drive, and I have about 1.3 million files synced at present. It seems to be confusing the different shared folders too, creating cloudf versions of one share in the folder of another. Not sure if that could be related to this same issue. I’m attempting to manually clean these up.

Your point #2 is quite likely as the oDrive service crashes a lot for me. I’m guessing because of the size of my archives. I have a script just restarting it if it stops working, and that will instigate a new request of the list of items, which can cause the problem as you described it.

So I guess the next question is… Is there a way to make it work normally? Or do I just have too many files? (My archives increase by approximately 6,000 files per week)

Thanks again!