ODRIVE - Trash bin & Capture One Files

Good Evening,

I have recently installed Odrive to Sync my Capture One photography sessions to amazon cloud. It’s been working really well, except today I noticed it was binning .COS and .COT files, I believe they contain all of the edits made to the RAW file (NEF).

Which means that when I download all the images, the edits I applied to the files before sync will be missing?

Any help would be much appreciated, please see screenshot.

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Lewis K Smith

Hi @wrexe,
When odrive detects a local filesystem delete in an odrive folder, it will place an entry for that item in the “odrive trash”. odrive doesn’t actually perform the local delete. It holds this in the odrive trash to make sure that the delete was intentional before sending it to the cloud, where the corresponding cloud file will be deleted.

From what you describe, it sounds like something else is deleting the files locally. Possibly Capture One? I am not familiar with the application and data format, but is it possible that these are temporary files or older versions of edited files?

Hi Tony,

Thanks, that’s a good explanation!

Yes, it is possible. I shall get in touch with Phase One and post a reply here once I get an answer.

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I’m just currently in talks with Capture One support, will update shortly.

Thanks for the update. I am curious what they say