Odrive syncing folders, but not files

Just started using Odrive to sync folders of content (100GB+) to Amazon Cloud Drive. Initially, everything uploaded exactly as expected. After the uploading several GBs, however, I noticed all files had been mysteriously removed from ACD without a trace (not in trash or shown in the local odrive folder).

I’ve tried deleting the empty folder structures in ACD and re-uploading everything, but the only files that stay are ones that have been uploaded manually via web browser.

Right-clicking on the app, I see that 164 files are listed as ‘Waiting’ while the app displays ‘Ready to sync new changes’.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @barryb.artist,
This is certainly strange. Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so I can take a look?
Are you still seeing items stuck in waiting?
It shouldn’t be possible for items to go completely missing from Amazon Drive. You are certain they were uploaded via the Amazon Drive web client and that they are not longer there or in the Amazon Drive trash?

Sent along the diagnostics and I do still see the items stuck in waiting.

The Amazon Cloud Drive account is new and I’ve only added items through odrive’s app and web interface. So there’s no issue with the tool deleting content uploaded via other means.

I did get around 7GB uploaded and recognized by ACD before the files vanished. The trash was the first place I checked, but it was empty. Oddly, all the folders remained in place.

Like some sort of digital ghost town. :ghost:

Hi @barryb.artist,
I took a look at the diagnostic and odrive is spitting out an exception with the connection to Amazon Drive (a protocol error).

Do you know if there is anything on the network that could be affecting connections? A proxy, for example.
Is there any software running on that system that could be interfering, like anti-virus, or a firewall?

It was definitely working at some point, which makes this even stranger. Did you move between networks at all?

Ah! I am behind a corporate proxy. That may be mucking with things a bit.

It’s odd though because it actively updates the folder structure of synced folders but not the files.

How do I add proxy settings to odrive?

Hi @barryb.artist,
Unfortunately we do not fully support proxys in odrive yet. It sounds like some requests are working, but transfers are not, which isn’t going to be very useful.

Apologies for the confusion and inconvenience.

Are you able to verify that odrive works properly on a different network?

Dang, had my hopes up.

The workstation and files are only used on the corporate network (with proxy). Unfortunately, it looks like odrive will be useless to me until you guys are able to support proxies.

Thanks for looking into it, Tony.