Odrive on Web - Need to Sort by Folder/File Name/Date/Size/Type

Hi, is there a way to sort my folders alphabetically in my oh drive account?

Hi @scottbarfieldphoto,
odrive2, which is currently in beta, has a new web client that has several web client improvements including sorting. The odrive2 platform is separate from odrive1, but you can link many of the same storage services, and then make use of the web and mobile clients that have already been released. You can find out more at https://new.odrive.com.

The ability to sort by name, date, and size is available now!

Woo hoo! Great! Fantastic!

Next, can all of our linked cloud storage accounts listed in our odrive account’s web home/start page be sorted alphabetically as well?

It’s also an organizational hassle to start looking up files within one of my 10 linked Box accounts when they are not sorted by their edited account names, despite my numbering them 1 through 10. It would be more pleasant and easier to use if our linked cloud account names were also sorted alphabetically. I hope this can be done, too. Thanx!

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Hi @louie8g,
I’ll talk to the product team about this and see what can be done here.