Odrive on linux does not do real-time file monitoring

I’m using odrive on a Debian x84 machine. I have installed Sync Agent service and Sync Agent client as suggested and both working properly.

I have activated my account, mount a folder (which links to my OneDrive account) and I am able sync individual folders and files manually (using odrive sync /path). However, when I change a file it does not automatically sync it; I have to run odrive refresh /path manually. Worse, I could not find any way to upload a new file. When I create a new file in the directory, it is not uploaded automatically. I cannot even do it manually using refresh or sync options. When I try to use sync /path-to-new-file it complains that it is not a cloud place holder.

So my questions are: (1) is there a way to have real-time file monitoring? (2) any way to upload new files and folders?

Thanks for reaching out. We still have optimizations to make for Linux to allow for faster automatic pickup of changes. However, a manual refresh of the folder containing the changes should trigger a near-immediate sync, unless there are other sync operations taking place.

When you issue a odrive refresh /"path_to_containing_folder" you are not seeing the changes go up? What do you see when you issue a odrive status?

Thanks for quick reply,

Yes, you are right, odrive refresh /"path_to_containing_folder" working properly. For some reason, I thought it did not but now checking again, it does.

So, this solves my worries for now. I can live with manual refreshes (using crontab).

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Glad to hear it is behaving as expected. odrive will scan for changes every 15 minutes, so it is not required to manually refresh, if you can wait that long.

Hi Tony,

Sorry to uncover an old thread. I just want to quickly ask if I can change the refresh interval of the Linux odrive agent from 15 minutes to a smaller value (e.g., 1 minute).

Love what your team has done with Odrive.


Hi @Danh,
Thanks for the kind words!
Unfortunately it is not possible to change this interval, at this time. As stated above, you can issue a manual refresh to a specific path to pick up changes if you need to speed this up.