Odrive not syncing gdrive files & folders shared with me

Odrive is not syncing all gdrive files & folders shared with me.

  • I am the owner of the main folder in gdrive,

  • I then shared with someone at work,

  • They have then created new files and folders (in my folder, thus also shared with me (she also shared manually with me to be sure in (web) gdrive))

  • Odrive refuses to see or sync these files locally:

  • However odrive can clearly see the files itself in web version:

  • During testing, I created a “Test” folder, this was picked up instantly without prompting by odrive.

  • Also pulled in 5 other folders from the folder above this one, to test whether they would sync, they did.

  • Appears to be something with permissions, like a bug with odrive syncing folders that have been shared with me, but I’m not the owner of.

  • Although ^ seems best explanation, either contradicted by, or does not apply to files (one word doc in there I was not the owner of was synced fine)

  • Repeated refreshes and syncs do nothing.

  • Thought might be as beginning of this folder now begins with “__” however other similarly named folders are fine, and test docs & files I make are fine and sync without prompting.

  • Files are just simple word docs, & so very small.

  • ^ Attached Screenshots & Preemptively sending diagnostics report on the chance you would like to see it.

Any thoughts?


Hi @fizzlefraser,
It is the “:” character in the names. That is a character that is not allowed in file/folder names in Windows. If that is removed those items should show up.

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Tony, you absolute legend. Nailed it one.

Can’t believe I didn’t spot the special characters >.<

Thanks for your help!

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These ones can be tricky to spot sometimes. We plan to do a better job of exposing this to the user in the future, as well, so it doesn’t require extra work on your part.

Glad you are good to go now!

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