ODrive not syncing ("Amazon Cloud Drive rate limit exceeded")


Files uploaded yesterday on my home computer are not downloading to my work computer today. When I try to view my files in a web browser from ODrive’s website, I get an “Amazon Cloud Drive rate limit exceeded” message. I assume that’s related to files not downloading today, but I don’t know what to do about it.


Hi @joshmound,
Amazon Drive seems to be heavily rate-limiting today. It appears to be a general problem. We have reached out to them about it.

It seems to be working now, at least for me.

Bumping this post as I have been seeing the same issue off and on for the last couple of days. Specifically since this morning I have been unable to sync anything always getting the same message. Any chance there is an issue on Amazon’s end?

Just to update it appears the issue has resolved itself as of an hour ago. Not sure what changed but all good now!

Hi @nighthawkcmp,
Thanks for the updates! I didn’t see anything usual, generally, but I have heard reports before of Amazon aggressively throttling in some cases. The reasons aren’t really known (unless there is a lot of activity on the account), but it could be due to infrastructure maintenance or some other internal occurrence that causes the to throttle more than usual.

Tony, thanks for checking in. I wasn’t sure from some of the comments in the forums whether the total requests was from just my account or the odrive API in aggregate. I have been slamming the system the last few days as I got a new drive setup for my NAS box and didn’t have enough space locally to store a copy of the old drives. As such, I’m having to sync close to 4TB of photos from my Amazon Cloud drive, so I’m probably hammering their system right now via odrive!

BTW any chance we could get an odrive client for a WD MyCloud setup?

Hi @nighthawkcmp,
I haven’t looked into WD MyCloud app development. We have an arm-compatible sync agen, but I don’t know if that would be compatible with the MyCloud devices. You can add a request for it in the feature requests section here: https://forum.odrive.com/c/feature-requests