ODrive not showing Google Drive data


I have an urgent issue to resolve.

I have ODrive setup one on my local PC and one on the remote desktop using same Google account.

The issue is that my local PC is very well synced with the ODrive and gets updated whenever there’s a change, however, the issue is with the Remote PC.

I’ve linked the Google Drive with the ODrive but still, when I access the Odrive folder on the remote PC, it is empty.

I tried to link the account again but it says that the Google Drive is already linked so there’s no problem with the linking of Google Drive with ODrive.

Kindly help me ASAP as I’ve got some urgent things to do.

Thank you,

Hi @muhammad,
Are you sure you are logged in with the same user on both machines? It is common for users to accidentally create more than one odrive account by using a different service for authentication.

Can you send a diagnostic from both systems from the tray menu so I can take a look?

Do you see the items listed when browsing from the odrive web client? (https://www.odrive.com)