Odrive no longer produces CLOUDF placeholder folders after syncing

Folders used to automatically convert to CLOUDF placeholder folders but no longer. After syncing folders simply remain as normal but all the files within are synced. Wondering if there is a fix for this.

Hi @bmartyn12,
Folders should not actually be unsynced to placeholder files unless you specifically choose to unsync them (right-click->unsync). You can auto-unsync files using the auto-unsync feature: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-disk-space#section-unsync-old-files

Amazon did have a glitch back in January that resulted in Amazon listing all files and folders as missing from Amazon Drive. When odrive saw this it removed all of the corresponding local items when it synced the “changes”. Later, when Amazon corrected their issue, the files and folders were listed again and odrive restored them as placeholders. This would give the illusion that your folders automatically unsynced. Is it possible this is what you experienced previously?

Hi Tony,

The issue seems to be that I cannot unsync the folder. The option is not there as shown in the photos. Even after all of the files within have been synced


Hi @bmartyn12,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu. The “remove sync” option you are seeing is unexpected there. I am wondering if you may have a misconfiguration.

Do you see an unsync option for the items inside the folder?

Hi Tony,

Yes, the unsync option appears for items within the folder. All the items within my files have been synced and then unsynced. But the folder itself cannot be unsynced. I will send diagnostics.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @bmartyn12,
Okay, I think I know what may have happened here.

It looks like you may have had your odrive folder on your F:\ drive at one point. Then odrive was reinstalled or reset and the odrive folder was put back in its default location on in your user directory “C:/Users/Bryce/odrive”

It looks like you created several “sync to odrive” folder on the folders in F:\odrive\ which is the old odrive folder. The reason you can’t unsync those folders is because they are the root of the “sync to odrive” folder relationships you setup.

As long as everything is all synced up, we can move the odrive folder back to that location, which will start off as placeholders only. Here is how you can do that:

  1. First make sure everything has been uploaded
  2. For each folder that you have setup “sync to odrive”, right-click->remove sync on it. You can find a list of those folders under “sync to odrive” in the odrive menu. Here is also a list of them under F:
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-09-04
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-08-11
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-09-20
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-08-21
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-08-27
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-09-02
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-09-11
    /odrive/Google Drive
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-09-25
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-08-24
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-10-02
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-08-14
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/New folder
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-09-21
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-08-13
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-09-17
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-08-07
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-10-01
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-09-26
    /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/2017-09-23
  3. Rename the F:\odrive folder to F:\odrive-bak
  4. Select the “move odrive folder” option in the odrive menu and pick F:\ as the destination

After this your will have a new F:\odrive folder with placeholders inside. This should get you back to the functionality you are looking for.

That worked, thanks for your help Tony. Really love the service and program.

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Great @bmartyn12! Thanks for the update.