oDrive Never Stops Syncing and HUGE Resource Hog after Update to Latest Version

I am having several issues with oDrive. But this issue is that oDrive does not seem to be syncing to a complete status. It’s always showing that it’s syncing 10 files with 30-40 in queue. This is crazy since 98% of my files were already synced, there’s no way in the world it should be taking this long. I let oDrive sync all day and all night long and I wake up and it’s still syncing. oDrive use to sync in a matter of minutes for several gigs of files. No where near that now. Not to mention the memory issue which practically leaves my system useless while odrive is open.

I have NEVER had these problems until the latest version of odrive. Is there anyway to go back to the previous version? Or if I delete odrive will my files still be in place?

Hi @jamain,
I am sorry you are running into these issues. Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so I can take a look and see what might be happening here?

I just sent the diagnostic report from the menu.

Thanks! I will be taking a look shortly. In the meantime, can you check the odrive tray menu and see if anything is listed in “not allowed”. If there is, can you click on an item and see what it says?