Odrive local file system has filled up my hard drive

Odrive has filled up my local hard drive with files/pictures I was supposed to have moved/copied to Amazon unlimited.

I thought Odrive was a file manager for my remote storage (Amazon unlimited) but what has happened is that it has created a mirror of everything on my local hard drive, this fulling up my drive.

How can this be possible and how do I fix it?

Hi @jcag,
Did you right-click->sync on a folder and then move the slider to “Everything” and check “include subfolders”? This operation would download all of the data in that folder.

If you have, and you want to stop that, you can stop sync from the odrive menu and then right-click->unsync the folder that has the content you only want to be in the cloud.

If you are seeing something else, can you describe the actions you took after installing odrive and where you are currently seeing your data?