Odrive keep syncing on a file constantly

I’m using odrive with my Amazon account. I clicked on sync everything on the folder and there’s is a 16GB file that keeps syncing. It has been more than 5 days and it did not stop. There’s any way that I can fix it? There’s a limit in file sync? I have a bandwidth 40 Mbps up and down when I click on a file it says 78%, 4 hour later it says 10%. It looks like it on some kind of loop.

Hi Luis,
Can you send over a diagnostic (in the odrive tray menu) and let me know what the name of the file is? 16GB is large, and it is possible that network issues are being encountered, but we can dig into the diagnostic to be sure.

I have send diagnostics. Please let me know if you need something else.

Thanks Luis. Can you please download and install the latest odrive client here:

Also can you provide me with the file name and send one more diagnostic?


This is the file that is having trouble syncing “Maquina Virtual Faschou.ova”. It is located in this path: Odrive\Amazon Cloud Drive\Reinhold\CardStudio VM PC

I installed the update yertarday and the file is still syncing. I’ve send you a new diagnostic.

I have the same issue with the file sync in an endless loop on certain large files. Stopping and restarting odrive didn’t help. I will probably end up uninstalling as this is too big of a showstopper.

@mohap are you also uploading to Amazon Cloud Drive? If so, are you on an unlimited account? And how big are the files?

Yes - I am on unlimited. File sizes that are looping are over 2GB in size.

I am trying out SyncBackPro and so far it’s running very smoothly. It gives me accurate progress and ETA for the syncing also. I will most likely stick to this solution until/unless odrive improves.

I have my home pc syncing too and it’s stocked in files larger that 2GB, there are .iso files.

Is there any update on this? I am having the same issue, although my issue is with two files that are around 30GB and 75GB. I have an unlimited Amazon Cloud storage.

I am fine that oDrive or Amazon may not be working well enough to sync up files that large. But there MUST be some way to tell oDrive to stop trying just for these files. For weeks and weeks it just sits there in an infinite loop trying over and over to upload those two files. Just constantly burning the sweet, sweet upload bandwidth.

If this is not fixed I will have to move to Dropbox or other reliable backup (sync) solution. I don’t know if its a Amazon problem or a odrive compatibility. Can someone help us?

Hi folks,
Large files are going to be problematic with Amazon at this point. They do not support resume and they have been seen to have some issues with maintaining sustained uploads for long periods of time. Extremely large files are going to be hard to get up unless you have a kick-ass connection that can complete the transfer is a reasonable amount of time. Even then its going to be difficult.

Amazon actually doesn’t support anything larger than 50GB, and that is more of a theoretical limit.

@luisraul35 At 2GB, you should be able to get that up. I recently ran a test where I uploaded about 200 files in sizes ranging from 1GB to 9GB in size (~500GB total). I was using a good connection, though. Are you still seeing the same 2GB files not making it up? Can you send another diagnostic so I can take a look at it? I tried to find your previous one but it has rolled off of retention.


Hi Tony,

I just sent you a Diagnostic File from my Office. We have a very stable internet conection with 25-30 Mbps UP and Down. Yesterday I updated to Version 4989. At home, I have 20 Down and 2Mbps Up, so I believe that Files @ 2GB should be uploaded without a problem, but that’s not the case.

I notice that the file (16GB) its on the Amazon Cloud Drive since 10 Sept 2015 and on the Odrive online says it was modifiesd today at 7:57 AM., So it looks like it has been uploaded into the cloud. the question is why it keep sync?

Hi @luisraul35
I took a look and I see a couple of recurring failures for what look like pst files. The error is that they can’t be accessed by odrive (permission denied). Do you have any outlook data files (.pst) that are currently in use? If so, you will need to make sure they are not being used by outlook (or anything else) before uploading them. In addition, generally you do not want to sync any files like these, which are essentially massive databases, if they are being actively used. The reason is that they will continue to upload whenever any change is made to them, which can be extremely frequent. If you are adding these types of files to the cloud, make sure it is in an archival capacity only.

There is another file that is having issues uploading that looks like a large ova file. This one seems to be getting frequent errors from Amazon Cloud Drive on upload. Specifically a timeout exception where Amazon fails to respond for a long period of time.

I’m using Odrive like I use Dropbox for AmazonCloudDrive. That’s why there is error in sync the PST file. The other file (ova) is the one that worries me. I have a dedicated business internet connection. If I use Odrive with Dropbox, the same happened (as odrive and amazonclouddrive), but if I use dropbox client instead, it will sync completely.

That is possible. The Dropbox client is able to resume broken uploads, so it may be hitting issues and working through them.

We actually created IFS for this purpose. It is a universal file splitting protocol we created to be able to split files on any storage. This allows upload resume on all of our integrations.

The key thing to keep in mind, though, is that the file will be split in the cloud. It can be seamlessly reassembled when you download with the odrive desktop client, bbut other clients will see it as many file segements.

You can read more about IFS here: