Odrive just logged out and created a new odrive folder

Yesterday I was doing lots of work in Git and quit Odrive. This morning I turned on my computer and odrive had a screen up that said “Setup Odrive!” I clicked on it logged in and went through the screens and finally it said “Open Odrive Folder”, so I clicked that and a folder called “Odrive1” opened up with all my cloud accounts unsinked. I store about 500 GB of stuff on my different clouds and I have over 10 clouds. My Wi-Fi is not incredible, so it takes a while to sink particular folders. I really don’t want to resink everything again. How do I change my Odrive folder back to where it was before?
Also, I don’t know if my latest work on Git was sinked to the cloud.
What do I do?

Hi @brandonkeithbiggs,
It is possible that odrive encountered an issue with the local database and had to recreate it. If it encounters an issue like this is will also create a new odrive folder, so that everything starts from scratch.

If you use the “move odrive folder” option in the odrive menu and then select the original folder, odrive will rescan everything and come back in sync, although it may take a while.

That worked perfectly! Thank you!

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Great! Thanks for confirming @brandonkeithbiggs.