Odrive is deleting the same two files, frequently

(sorry for my little english)

I’m editing video, and after a while Adobe Premiere is telling me that is missing some songs, when I try to find them, they actually was in trash bin.

I restored them back, but after a while, again odrive is deleting the same 2 files and sending again to trash.

Whats happening? I didn’t deleted them from online storage even from my pc.

Those 2 files are under Encryption folder. My storage is Amazon Cloud drive.

Those two files are under 10Mb.

Im sending now diagnostic.

Thanks @videoandesign,
Can you tell me the names of the two files so I can pinpoint them in the diagnostic?

Sadi Gali Lehmber Hussainpuri

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Hi @videoandesign,
I took a look, and from what I can see, we take a look at the folder containing each of these files and Amazon gives us back a listing that does not include the file. This is considered a remote delete (the file no longer exists on the remote), and we tell Windows to move the file to the recycle bin.

I have seen a couple of cases like this before, although it is very rare. Amazon basically gives us an incomplete listing of the folder. Unfortunately I do not know why this happens. What is odd is that, if it was just a temporary exclusion from the list, the next scan of that remote folder would show the file and a placeholder would be created in its place. Are you ever seeing a placeholder file show up after the file is moved to the Windows Recycle Bin?

On a separate issue, I notice that you have several files in “Waiting” that cannot be uploaded because their filenames are too long. Amazon has a limit of 280 “characters”. When used with encryption, a single file name can become really long and exceed the 280 character limit. For example, you have a file named:


It may be good to check the waiting list and address any files that may be listed in there that have extremely long names.