Odrive ignores date of latest changes [oneDrive]

i use odrive to sync my documents folder between 2 pcs.
i have edited many files on pc1. These changes are uploaded correctly to my onedrive.
Then i turned my second pc with the older files on and its uploading the old files and override the new ones.
But it should download the new files instead.

is this a bug or is there a setting?


Hi @deanr97,
odrive should be preserving the newer files. In the case where both sides have been edited, a conflict should be created. Is this on OneDrive or OneDrive for Business? Are you able to reproduce it every time?

Hi @Tony,
I’m using OneDrive [not Business].

This was happening after i have edited many files, but i can’t reproduce it.
At my latest tests it was working correctly.

I watch it and reply if this happens once again.

Okay, thanks for the update @deanr97.