ODrive - Dropbox - Users Files Disappeared

One of my ODrive users was reorganizing some of her folders around (Connected to her dropbox). Several of the folders were Dropbox folders that were shared with her. After she moved them, the shared folders completely disappeared from Odrive and from Dropbox.

The workaround was for her to go back into her emails and find the Dropbox share email notification and click on it again.

So my question, is this known behavior? Or there a best practice for organizing shared folders that I could show her.

Thanks in advance,

Would you be able to give some details on what was done for organization and what the relation was between shared folders vs user-owned folders?

Dropbox re-org behavior can get a little tricky when trying to move around shared items. For example, you can move a shared subfolder into a user-owned folder, which will delete the shared subfolder from its original location and add this folder into the user’s own Dropbox.

In any case, I just tested a few iterations and I wasn’t able to produce behavior you are describing, where the older disappeared completely, so I would like to see if there are steps I can follow to see that.


Hi @Tony, the user send me some screenshots, but because they contain her filenames, is there somewhere I can email them instead of posting them publicly?

I’ll send you a private message.

Any resolution? I’m having similar problems and naturally suspecting operator-error, but in being careful as I go along, I’m ruling that out and wondering if it’s odrive or a setting I have on odrive.

Hi @Chris.D,
Unfortunately I didn’t hear back after my last response in PM on this one.

Go ahead and describe what you are seeing and I’ll see if we can work out what happened.