Odrive did not finish syncing a "remembered" folder

Hi, I am excited to have purchased a subscription to odrive but I am concerned about one thing:

Now with odrive premium I can access all those cool features but a folder (containing files and subfolders) I set to “download everything” and “include subfolders” + “save and apply to new files and folders” only partially downloaded its contents.

Seemingly random files and folders and subfolders did not sync, leaving placeholders instead. I am sure syncing it again will finish the sync for the remaining files and folders, should I just do that or does someone have another suggestion to troubleshoot the problem from happening again?

This folder we are looking at here is a subfolder in Dropbox.

Any ideas?

Hi @gigaseven,
Thanks for reaching out.

This is behavior we plan to improve. Right now, when you perform a bulk download operation like this, It is possible that an error will be encountered during processing and the action will be aborted, requiring you to reissue the command. This is more likely to happen on large sets of data. This commonly happens when the service linked starts responding with API rate limits, which tell our app that we are requesting things too quickly and need to slow down.

We are working on refining this behavior to be tolerant of more exceptions and continuing on (retrying) instead of stopping the sync all action.

Did you happen to see any error pop-ups when you did this? Typically you would see an error stating that the operation could finish and the reason why.


Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.

With this folder I mentioned, I didn’t notice a warning about too many requests. But with another folder (a lot bigger) I got the warning and had to restart the sync process a few time to finish the process.

I am happy to learn that you will improve this behavior in the future. I will now manually restart the sync.

Keep up the good work.


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