Odrive crashes every night


I’m currently uploading a load of stuff to Amazon via odrive on a mac running OS sierra. All is well, except every morning when I get up, Odrive has gone from the tasj tray and I have to re-start it. The mac doesnt hibernate but it doesnt seem to happen during the day when its in rehgrlar use. There’s no clue as to whats happening, it just isnt in the tray anymore.

Hi @andrewnorton,
Can you see if there are any crash logs available to send me? You can pm them to me, if you like. You should be able to find it under “User Diagnostic Reports” in the OS X Console.

There doesnt seem to be any crash logs corresponding with overnight.

I did notice the thread about high memory usage though so noticed that was quite high at around 16gb, so last night I quit odrive before going to bed and then restarted it. Its still running this morning, which is the first time in about a week. The memory usage is currently 22.56gb though.

Not sure if its connected, but I thought I’d mention it. I’ll also send the one crashlog I have, but not sure its connected as it was 16:51 from a few days ago.

It is most likely caused by the memory use. There is another thread about it here and it is something we are working on: