Odrive CPU-load

My Odrive client (Windows) always consumes about 10-30% of my CPU power (Intel i5), even when there is nothing to sync and when I disable auto sync. When it startes syncing something, the CPU load is less (only 2-10%)!

I have about 1 TB of data in my clouds, most of it is encrypted. That is why I want to avoid reinstalling, because I would have to download all of my encrypted files again.

Does anybody else have this problem?

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Hi @meaper,
CPU “heat” is something that we are focusing a lot of effort on addressing for our next major release. Seeing elevated CPU, periodically, is expected. The duration of those periods can be increased if odrive is tracking very large structures, which is sounds like it is in your case. However, there should also be large periods of very little CPU overhead. The times where oyu will definitely see it is on startup and then periodically as odrive performs its refresh “maintenance” on your structure.

How many folders and files would you say you have within odrive’s view right now?

Thank you for your answer.
I have about 50k files in 1k folders. I will unsync a part of it and keep an eye on the CPU-load. Right now it feels like the heat is always up without any network traffic and very little disk usage.

Thanks for the feedback @meaper.

We are sensitive to this and we are also putting a lot of work into reducing CPU heat, in general, for our next major release.

Keep me posted on the unsync results.