ODrive clients gets frozen


  1. I have Odrive for Mac (prod 6344) on OSX High Sierra.
  2. I recently moved a GDrive folder from one location to another (still on GDrive).
  3. That folder includes both “regular” files and gdocx files.
  4. For some reason, those gdocx files are now under “Not allowed” status (and they were not moved to the new folder - in fact they’re no longer anywhere in the gdrive web view - only in the local file system).
  5. When trying to double-click / open them from my computer, ODrive gets frozen (the client stops responding).

Hi @budowski,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

Sent the reports right now :slight_smile:

Hi @budowski,
Thanks for sending it over. Can you tell me about the move you did for this? Where did you move the files from?

Did you move these files from a folder and then delete the folder? The reason I ask this is because it is actually no longer possible to delete gdoc files in odrive. This was done to prevent odd behavior because of the nature of the files (they are not “real” files). The only way odrive can delete them so they are not in the trash is if the parent folder they are in is deleted.

So I am wondering if the following happened:

  • The gdoc files were moved from a folder into this new folder.
  • These gdoc were picked up as add and deletes instead of an optimized move (this can happen occasionally, depending on how sync picks up the local changes)
  • The original folder was deleted

If the above occurred I can see how the current situation could arise. In this case the remote files would be in the original folder, which is probably sitting in the Google Trash: https://drive.google.com/drive/trash

  1. I only moved them from one path to another (all under GDrive) - meaning, an entire folder, containing both regular and gdoc files, was moved from one location to another.
  2. Indeed I found the “permission denied” gdoc files in the GDrive trash.

Thanks for the update @budowski. I’m glad you found them. I am looking into this to see if there are any other checks we can make to mitigate this particular scenario with gdoc files.