ODrive Beta Testers?


Quite a list building up here! :). Certainly the demand is realized by now. Any updates on the new release and/or a beta control group?


We should be making some announcements soon. :slight_smile:


We’re going to be starting a small (at least initially) beta testing group for the next generation odrive product in the next few days.

This will cover a number of clients and features, so I wanted to reach out to the folks on this thread, first, to see who would be interested in participating.

If you are interested, you can message me directly by clicking on my name and selecting “Message”. Please provide the following information in your message:

  1. What systems can you test on (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android)?
  2. What are the primary use cases you are interested in addressing with odrive?
  3. Are you a Premium subscriber? (Note: Being a Premium subscriber is not a requirement for beta group membership).

One way sync (Cloud to PC)
Odrive mobile apps

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Thanks Tony, message is in your inbox!


Hi @Tony, I can’t message you directly, but would also like to join the beta. Windows + Premium, with mainly separate OneDrive accounts across two companies brought together, but also (S)FTP


I’d like to be part of beta testing (MacOS, dropbox, google, onedrive)


I am willing and as I am sure you know, I will scrutinize the bejesus out of it!


Also don’t see an option to message you directly.

  1. I can test on MacOS, iOS, possibly some on Windows, Linux.

I currently utilize Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Drive for Business/Apps, Box, Facebook, Gmail. The vast majority of my content is on Amazon Cloud Drive because of the previous unlimited plan but will be slowly be deleted as they cut me down. Besides that, I primarily use a series of Google Drive accounts.

I am currently looking for a good video host to replace Amazon Cloud Drive for storing and sharing videos of my daughter so that I can share them with her biological mother. Advice on this subject is welcome.

  1. Use cases Ideas:
  • #1 Accessing all of my cloud based storage from one location
  • #2 not being required to keep local copies of files I have on cloud based storage
  • #3 Being able to back up cloud based files to multiple accounts / providers for redundancy
  • #4 Being able to migrate files from cloud provider to cloud provider easily
  • #5 Unified view of files on all cloud providers
  • #6 Detecting duplicate files across cloud providers.
  • #7 Providing even a simple FUSE/userland FS access to all cloud providers through a unified mount
  • #8 As mentioned above, SCP/SSH/SFTP type options would be interesting.
  • #9 Work with Amazon Music service for adding content. Their client is unreliable and useless, and after I loaded a fairly large portion of my library into the service it disappeared without warning.
  • #10 Provide information about space used and available space used for each account.
  • (idea) Cloud data extraction services to extract data from cloud onto physical devices which could be mailed to myself or others whom I’m collaborating with (who may not have high enough bandwidth connections to efficiently utilize odrive or other sharing services).
  1. I have been a premium subscriber in the past and would be willing to become one again.


I am interested as well. I pm you based on your instructions @Tony.



  1. I will be using a (headless) Linux (Ubuntu) box. My interface will be CLI over SSH.
  2. I will be using the ‘backdown’ feature to create an ‘offline copy’ of my cloud data. I will likely create a bash script/cron job to periodically (one way) sync my data to ensure everything on the Linux box is current.
  3. I am not a premium subscriber


If you are still accepting beta-testers, please add me to that list as well. I’m business-class Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) user who uses cloud storage to share files with our clients. I’m not a premium subscriber but would be interested, if odrive does everything we need and more.

If not. Please! Please! Please! Tell me you will be releasing your major update soon. My company has a pressing need to move from Insync and Google Drive to BackBlaze B2 and your cloud client seems to be our best solution. I’d be willing to put off our plans to migrate if your release was planned within the next 30 days but I’m having my doubts. :frowning: Sadly, if I have to spend time incorporating a different sync agent, you will likely lose me as a potential paid customer.


Hi Tony,
I want to be a beta tester too!!!

  1. Windos 10, Android
  2. I just want all my data on i.e. dropbox (~400GB) encrypted and synced to my Windows 10 laptop and my Android phone. As storage on my phone is limited, I want to make use of this great feature that is being able to select what files/folders should be accesible offline.
  3. I am not a premium subscriber, but it’s for sure I will become one as soon as the mobile app for Android is finally available.


I sent you a message @j.weidenauer.

We actually already have an Android client for odrive2. You can find it on the Google Play store.