Odrive as mount point "only"?

Greetings…from the new guy on the board.
I’m looking at odrive for the first time, and trying to see how well it might fit my needs. I’m trying to copy various content from my local (Windows) system to several cloud providers (odrive seems to meet the goal there! – well, with the exception of Mega, which I know is “challenging”)

What feels like a complication, is that those files are spread about in various places and some need preprocessing (aka encryption) before I’m ready to copy them. I have an existing backup solution that I can easily modify to copy each set of source files/directories to %odrive\cloudprovider\foldername% but, I don’t want to maintain files in that %odrive\cloudprovider% structure - 0 byte pointers are great. I really only need odrive to keep the actual file in the %odrive\cloudprovider% folder until it’s been uploaded, Is the amount of how much is kept cached (synced?) configurable somewhere? Am I overthinking things here?


Have you tried “right-click unsync”? That will turn files and folders into 0 byte placeholders.

And if you unysnc a folder, everything inside goes away including palaceholders.

Thanks Peter. I’ll admit I haven’t played much, just got things installed and was looking around, thought I’d ask the question before I start setting up fake data sets to sync between places. My first stab at this earlier and least looked like after unsyncing the first time I went back into the folder it reset that flag; perhaps user error there though…

So if unsync removes all of the placeholders, what will that do when it comes to synchronizing - i.e. the next time I run my script and start copying files into the folder, what’s odrive going to have to do with files a b and c to determine that c is the only new file?

If you unsync a folder into a placeholder (there is no folder anymore), and your script creates a new folder with new files, odrive will merge the new folder with the existing folder in the cloud.

To clarify, unsync a folder turns the folder into a placeholder file and removes the local folder and all content. Opening the placeholder file for folder will bring the content back.